When you became a parent, you will have a lot of questions.

Iám a specialist in breastfeeding, and i work a lot in families from another culture. When the baby is born in the hospital, and you're coming at home, i can come at your place to take care of you, the baby and you're familie. In Holland we call that Kraamzorg, but maybe in you're culture it's normal that your mother or mother in lor will theatch you how to take care of you're baby. You're familie is importent to support you at this special moment in you're life. Together we will give you and you're baby the best start as a parent.


contact me, send me an email: sandra-mostert@live.nl


Advice Mother and baby:

Advice for mother: 

Bleeding: Contact your midwife in the event of heavy bleeding (a maternity sanitary towel is saturated within half an hour). You should also contact your midwife in the event of 3 or more fist-sized clots within 24 hours.
 Fever: Take your temperature 2 x per day. If this happens to be above 37.8 degrees, then please contact your midwife.
 Passing water: It is important that you can pass water as normal within 6 hours after the birth of your child (and not just drops). If this is not the case, then contact your midwife..
 Afterpains: The uterus powerfully contracts after the birth to prevent unnecessary blood loss. These contractions can be experienced as afterpains. This is a normal process. Afterpains often occur during breastfeeding. To help with the pain, you can place a warm water bottle on your belly and possibly take Paracetamol 2 x 500mg every 8 hours (max. 6-8 per day) or Ibuprofen 400mg every 8 hours (max. 3 per day). The afterpains will taper off some days after the birth. .
Advice for your baby:
Colour: Call your midwife if your baby has a bluish (including
tongue and lips), pale/greyish or yellowish colour. 
Breathing: Call the midwife when the baby’s breathing is more than 60 x a minute. You should also call the midwife if you notice that the baby has difficulty with breathing, such as: groaning, chest and nostril retractions. 
Temperature The midwife should be called with a temperature below 36.5 or above 37.5 degrees. 
Nauseousness: The baby can still feel somewhat nauseous for the first few days as a result of swallowing amniotic fluid and blood during birth. Do not be alarmed when the baby has to retch or vomit.Turn the baby on its side and gently pat the back. A good cough and gag reflex is seen as a positive sign for your baby. Call the midwife immediately if your baby’s vomit is green.